The Best SEO Consultant In Bangalore . Period.

Over 6 years of experience don’t lie.


With the growing advent of digitization, there is a huge demand for good internet marketing consultants in the market. I am an SEO expert in Bangalore, which is the IT hub of India.The uno numbero seo consultant in Bangalore. I provide multi-dimensional and upgraded SEO consulting services. Also, I am not cheap . I do not do – 1000 rupee banana-bang SEO services which provide 0 results what so ever.

I will work with you to create a strong and viable SEO strategy or SEO package based on the specific needs of your organization and your budget .



If you have allocated some investment in the field of SEO, I can assess the needs of your organization. After proper analysis, I can develop a requisite and flexible marketing strategy for long-term success.


If you already have a clear thought process for the Search Engine Optimization but you don’t know how to implement your ideas without losing the visibility of your site on the search engine, you can rely on me. I will guide you through the technical aspects of optimisation.


Search marketing industry abounds in hundreds of software solutions to help you track, analyze and improve your keyword rankings. I can help you find some of the best software and tools as per your strategy, resources and budget.


Just like the audits of accounts, SEO audits are conducted to get an in-depth insight and analysis of your site. SEO audits will tell the immediate areas for improvement. After the completion of audits, it is possible to know different actionable items or areas which have a great scope for improvement.


A site requires regular updating. Even if your site has a high visibility, it may require redesigning at some point of the time. To ensure that your ranking on the search results does not go down, you can hire me to create a strategy design and work with your development team to make sure that any adverse effect of re-design is kept minimal.


If you don’t have sufficient on-page optimization or linkable content, I can help you to improve the quality of your website via effective link building. This is an important area as it is not always feasible to rely on auto-pilot.


In any industry, knowledge about the competitors can give you an added advantage. Proper analysis of competition is crucial for the success of any organization. To keep a tap on the competitors, I will break down their budget estimates, on and off-site tactics etc.


Competitive keywords are a must for successful online business. Keyword research is one of the most dreaded tasks in the field of search marketing. You can focus on other operations of your website while I search highly converting and competitive keywords for your website.


You might already have a solid and capable search engine marketing team but you might want to take the second opinion of an expert. I can confirm your approach and assure you as you implement the changes on your website.This is why you need the top SEO consultant in Bangalore .


I can conduct an efficient and thorough link building audit for your site. If you think you have outsourced your link building to questionable companies or consultants or if you just need a piece of advice on links, you can contact me for reviewing your old links and building a custom strategy for good quality link acquisition.

In addition to these services, I can also help you with


One of the most effective choices here is AdWords by Google. Google’s advertising service has made a huge success on the internet platform. An effective PPC strategy would facilitate one to chose the best keywords in order to showcase your website’s ad whenever those keywords are searched on the search engine. The traffic generated with the PPC strategy is the first-grade genuine traffic. AdWords is one great initiative but it can be extremely cumbersome to use. This is where my services come in-handy and I can provide you the apt PPC solution at a pocket-friendly cost.Obviously being the best SEO consultant in Banglore is no joke


Local SEO can help you highlight your business in a map and organic listings. This is extremely crucial as it helps you provide a ready and comfortable way to your clients to contact you. I can help you to better your site and listings to enable your customers to find you and contact you at the earliest.

I have a verifiable track record of delivering quality results to my clients. Many clients have availed my services for different purposes like link building, SEO strategy development, SEO consulting etc. If you want to avail any of the above-mentioned services, I will be there at your beck and call. Big or small, my aim is to always deliver the best results to my client.  If the need be, you can contact me to get the quotes and avail my services at the best possible competitive prices.

So Why Am I the best SEO Consultant In Bangalore

  • I offer results. Results don’t come cheap . If you are cheap – don’t bother emailing me.
  • I have been in this industry for over six years . Yes , I know how Adwords work.I know how PBNs work.I know why nofollow links do anything for your SERPs. I know what the hummingbird algorithm is and how it blew up every other business on the planet.
    Listen , if you did not understand anything I just said – just know that I know my stuff.
  • For the certification junkies , I am Google-certified(Fundamentals and Adwords Business) ,  Hubpages Certified , SEO Platinum Certified.
  • I wear many hats . Black.White.Grey.Blue. If you know what I am talking about.
  • I have multiple award winning SEO link building services. I am a veteran member in Internet Marketing communities. I have a global team.
  • I am not that so called expert who tag spams your site

If you are a freebie hunter and what to do search engine optimisation yourself

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Did you know that India is the storehouse of more than 300 million internet users? The penetration of internet has reached such a level that you can find no nook and corner which is devoid of internet facility these days.

With the advent of the internet, the competition in every field is becoming intense. If you own a business, an internet connection can boost the profits and sales of your business. Having a website for your own business can be a boon for you. You can get double the amount of profits you are receiving at present. If you have a website but you are not able to increase your customer base via this medium, then there is definitely a problem. A question arises as to whom should you go to solve your problem? You can come to me to get this issue addressed.

Consider the following two situations

1) You already have a very well-established offline business. Do you realize that you are living in the 21st century and the means and mediums of advertising have now changed? Gone are the days when pamphlets and TV ads were in vogue. Today, you need a very potent digital marketing mix. Almost all your target audience, today, is using the internet. Age and generation gaps are no longer relevant to determine the use of the internet by people. When they search your items on Google by enlisting the keywords, you want them to see your website first. This is where digital marketing (especially SEO) comes in handy and this is where I come to your rescue. You can find thousands of SEO consultants in the market but I am an SEO specialist just like a heart specialist or bone specialist. I can cure the falling sales and profits of your business. I can improve the visibility of your website on search engines. I can conduct link building for your site. I can also redesign your website and suggest you requisite software to boost your visibility on the net. I am a pro at PPC or pay per click strategy and can help you use it for the benefit of your business.

2) Staying afloat in the business is no cake walk today. After all the competition is Herculean and with new entrants, the old titans need to revise their strategies. If you want to know how to take your business to the next level, I am always there are your beck and call. I can help you redesign your existing SEO strategy. I will help you create a strong online presence. If the need is, I can also create a verifiable SEO plan which you can follow as per your requirement. I can provide you local SEO services which can help you improve your listings on the map and highlight your organic listings.

As a top SEO specialist in Bangalore, I have assisted a lot of top companies to achieve presence for their business searches in Google and other highly used search engines like Yahoo, Bing etc. This has helped them increase their online sales considerably.

SEO specialists have one thing to say. If you want to hide a dead body, the best place is page 2 of the Google search engine.  I can help you to live and survive on the first page of the search results.



I can help you select the best website title. I can help you get the most attractive title for your website. This title will be most relevant for the searches your target group of audience.


An image with disastrous naming can yield disastrous results for your website. A proper resolution and name can bring your site on the top of the search results. I can help you select the best image titles and names for your pictures.


A visitor to your site needs the most simple navigation. I can help you build internal links to make your website more user-friendly and simple to use.


In case you are looking for an SEO expert in the city, then you have landed at the perfect spot. I spend very significant time on a daily basis to drive the right target market to your website. It is very favorable for your company to have my SEO services to guide you about your territory and location. I deploy a massive amount of organic traffic which can make your website, a super-duper hit on the internet platform. I concentrate on the best keyword research. I focus on on-page and off-page optimization to rank you on top. You can get identifiable results in terms of traffic and return on investment with my services.

Last but not the least, I build the positioning of your website with the best possible design improvement and SEO.

I charge an optimal fee for my work. The reasonable SEO I offer can work with any budget. I offer you the best SEO services in bangalore at affordable costs. No matter how big or small your company, my sole aim is to always take your website to the top of any search engine results. I possess the right kind of aptitudes in understanding what would be perfect for your website as per the market demand.

As a business owner, I understand you might have your own doubts regarding an SEO expert. You can have a look at the testimonials of my clients on this website. If necessary, I can even provide you references to have a word with my clients. For any further information, you can contact me.