Fun Facts about Bangalore

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Bangalore is a thriving city located on Deccan Plateau. It is the capital of the Indian State of Karnataka. Bangalore comes in third, as the most populated city in all of India. Due to its high population and role in exportation, Bangalore is better known as the ‘Indian Silicon Valley’. One of the best things about Bangalore is the weather. Ask anyone and they will tell you that the temperatures are great year round. This is because Bangalore sits at the perfect altitude of 3,000 feet.

It’s a great getaway for tourists and business entrepreneurs. So, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, Bangalore has something for you. Check out these top 5 fun facts about Bangalore before your next visit.

1. Bangalore was the first city in all of India to have electricity. Bangalore also houses the oldest drainage infrastructure in the world. They have maintained the same drainage and sanitary systems, that date all the way back to the second century. That’s over two thousand years old!

2. Aside from IT and engineering Bangalore is also known for its fashion companies. It is the go-to fashion capital of the East and has more fashion companies than Paris, France.

3. Bangalore is also referred to as the “Garden City”. This is because over forty percent of the landscape of Bangalore is made up of public parks and gardens. Fifteen percent of Bangalore’s landscape consists of lakes and ponds. This beautiful oasis, is definitely a must see!

4. Bangalore is home to several international sportsmen; more than the cities of Delhi and Mumbai combined. Bangalore is also home to the largest number of scientists, in all of India, that were considered for the Nobel Piece Prize.

5.Bangalore is known for its nightlife and has the most pubs in all of Asia. Enjoy the view and the weather at one of the many happening night spots.